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Monday, 16-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rafting Trip Aug '04

Our whole group excluding me (I'm taking the pic)
Our second boat coming down the rapids
After our first rapid
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Photo #1 After having a long fun night we woke up on Friday morning to have a fun filled day of rafting. This photo was taken just before we all got on the bus that took us to the Ottawa River. This actually is the only photo from the whole trip that has everyone in it.
Top:(left to right) Pat, Kevin, Kristin, Lindsay, Dave, Shannon, Melissa, Jay, Dave C.
Bottom:(left to right) Matt, Robby, Julian, Amanda, Jen, Barna, and Dan

#2 This was our first rapid of the day. Because we had such a big group we had to have two rafts. I'm on shore waiting for the rest of the rafts to finish their descent down the rapids. The raft going down here is the second half of our group.

#3 Just a cool shot on shore just before we headed to the riverside lunch.

#4 On the Ottawa River, right in the middle of Quebec and Ottawa. That doesn't happen very often in our lifetime.

#5 After rafting, we warmed up back at the camp by the bonfire. Robby thought he was invincible. He actually did totally clear the whole fire. You can't tell by this picture, but the fire was pretty high.

#6 Dan and his ever cool hat. His hat is made from a palm tree from the Dominican. He brought along his bongo's and we jammed at the bonfire.

#7 On Saturday we just relaxed and played some beach volleyball. We played for a few hours and got really sunburned even though it was cloudy.

#8 After beach volleyball we hung out on the basketball court. Pat thought he was Superman, but wouldn't dare try bungee jumping.

#9 Later some of the guys went swimming. Jules was preparing himself for bungee jumping and we sat there in anticipation of his bravery.

#10-11Here Jules is climbing the crane. Yes, you actually have to climb it and then walk across it before you actually jump. Crazy I tell ya, crazy!!

#12 And here is were he actually jumped. It was quite awesome to see someone jump and live. I was tempted after seeing him, but decided I wasn't that crazy.

#13 Here Jen jumps. Afterwards all she wanted was some beer.

#14 On Sunday we had to self guide our own rafts. Our guides iare n kayaks just ahead of our boat. The day started out very cloudy but ended up being the best day out of the whole trip.

#15 Here I decided, enough with the paddling, it was time to take some action shots. I think this was our second rapid of the day. This day, Melissa and I fell out of the raft. It was very awesome.

#16 After going down this rapid and purposely flipping, we had the opportunity to body surf down it. I wasn't going to pass that up. This is me, heading down stream.

#17 After body surfing, we headed to a really cool spot to have lunch. We had to portage down this rapid due to the danger factor. Apparently there is a very huge rock in the middle of the rapids and if you hit it the wrong way your boat will get stuck and there is no coming up.

#18 Experienced kayakers however, because of their size, are able to ease around the rock. While we ate, some kayakers raced down the rapids. It was pretty neat to see.

#19 That was our raft. Jules is in the back steering us down the rapids. In front of him is Matt and Pat. In front of them is Lindsay, Melissa and Me.

#20 After rafting all day, we had the pleasure of going back to camp, packing and heading home. So, we took a few last shots of the remainder of the group.
Top: (L to R)Jules, Kevin, Shannon, Me, Melissa, Jay
Bottom: (L to R)Kristin, Pat, Matt, Lindsay, Dave C., Barna

Sunday, 1-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Our Algonquin Trip

On the Beaver Pond Trail
A beaver dam
At the lookout point
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To get more detailed information about our trip, hop on over to my weblog at

Wednesday, 7-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My tattoo.

When I was fifteen and a little bit of a rebel, I got a tattoo. It was not done very well at all. It wasn't even fully coloured. At the time I thought it was cool but as I got older I had to make a decision - either I get it fixed and make it look presentable or I have it lasered off. Option b was just a bit too expensive for my liking. I also like that I have it as a reminder of where I was at when I was so young and how much I have grown over the years. So, I got it fixed. Its kind of hard to see it, because the 'after' picture was taken a day after I had it done, while it was still in the healing stages. But at least it gives you a sense of what it was and what it is now.

Monday, 21-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jen and Mark's Wedding Photos

Outside the church
Under the arch
Father and daughter dance
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Wedding took place on May 15th, 2004. First picture is Jen getting into the limo after the wedding ceremony. Second picture: I put up just to show the wedding dress. The actual picture isn't the greatest but the dress is best displayed here, out of all the pics that I have. The third picture is of Wayne and Jennifer having the traditional father/daughter dance. The fourth pic is of Mark getting the garter. He was up there for a long time. I think he forgot there were so many people around . The lnext one is of my parents, right after they were boogying on the dance floor. The sixth and seventh picture is of the first dance as bride and groom. As you can see there were tears shed. So beautiful!! The last one is of my aunt Marie and Jen.

Sunday, 20-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A day at Canada's Wonderland

Entering Medieval Faire
Skye, Matthew and I on the Swan ride
Skye on the bumper cars
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Mom, Harry, Skye, Matthew and I spent the day at Wonderland. We started our venture in the Medieval Faire. After Skye went on the ship, she refused to go on any big kids rides. Which totally surprised me because for the last few years she has been going on roller coasters. On our second visit we talked her onto the Fly and she loved it. She wanted to go on it again. But for this particular visit she settled for the Swan ride, Bumper cars and the like.

The only ride in the whole park that my brother will go in is the Whitewater Canyon. He is the one on the left in the white t-shirt, Skye is in the middle (you can't really see her) and my mom is the one in the red jacket. Matthew was a centimeter to short so we are the one's taking the picture on dry land.

The waterfall, is the landmark of the park. It is the logo for Paramount. Seeing as it is called Paramount Canada's Wonderland. Although it was originally owned by Canadian's. They sold it a long time ago. Can't remember when and don't care too much. If you really want to know, its probably on their website. In the picture, they decided to give attitude a new name.

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